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Why Online Fantasy Cricket Game is The Most Played in India?


In this modern contemporary India cricket has reached its peak and why not? India has always been a cricket-loving nation from the start. Cricket has become an integral part of people’s entertainment. The love for cricket today has grown tremendously. Due to its peak fanbase, the real game has now become virtual. Now we can enjoy the perks of being a selector through these virtual apps and thus Online Fantasy cricket Games came into existence.

The concept of Fantasy cricket has stormed the world of cricket. The basic idea of how it is being played is very simple: We act as the selectors of both teams and have the right to select the players of both teams. The teams that we have created virtually through different websites play in the real world and according to their performance we receive fantasy points which we can convert into real money

Reasons Behind Playing Fantasy Cricket Games

Cricket is the most watched and loved game in India. In fact, one can not deny the fact that it is celebrated in our country like a festival. This was the reason why fantasy cricket gained so much popularity. The reasons why fantasy is played by most Indians are:-

The winning amount is so high –  As we know the basic concept of Fantasy cricket i.e we have to select the players of our choice virtually and we get fantasy points based on the performance of those players in a real match and we can convert those fantasy points into real money. The best part of it lies in its rewards that are generated, not the rankings. It makes the user participate in multiple contests. As we all know that if something is giving us a reward it always increases the excitement level. Fantasy cricket is not an exception.

Bonus winnings are available on the apps- With the evolution and transformation in fantasy cricket. Several apps have come up with it. Now, the question arises which app to choose? This created competition in the fantasy market and with time different apps offered different bonus packages. These bonus amounts can be used by the users while playing contests. They are generally received after referring to a friend, using a referral code, extra bonus, etc. 

Better user experience –  If you are thinking that the word “online” sounds very complicated then you need to know about the simple logic behind the fantasy. As we have said earlier, fantasy cricket is an online game that allows us to create a virtual team of our choice and according to the performance of the players in the real world, we get fantasy points. Several apps like GMNG provide one of the best online gaming experiences which enable the users to use their full potential in playing. 

Time-saving – Fantasy cricket has become a major hit among the Indian masses. It was estimated that more than 100 million people in India play fantasy sports. One of the most significant features of fantasy cricket is that it connects people with the game. Talking of connection, nowadays competition has increased in every field of activity. People do not get that much of time to take a close interest in every cricket match that is happening, as a result, fantasy cricket came into existence. Fantasy cricket allows you that stay connected to the game even in your busy schedule just by creating your dream team in a short span of time.

Cricket is the most popular game in India – The history of fandom of Indian cricket takes us back to ‘83 when the Indian skipper led us to the top. After that, it was a one-way journey for cricket. Cricket nowadays has been an integral part of our life. Notable cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, MS. Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, and many more have inspired the youth of this country. The T20 format alongside ODIs and test cricket has gained more popularity. People love to see their favorite players performing and this is what that keeps them glued to T.V and mobile phones

Most Loved Online Cricket Fantasy Games

Dream 11 – Fantasy cricket no doubt has stormed the world of real money gaming. The flagship site which enjoys the title of being the undisputed leader in this community is Dream11. From time to time this site has created standards that other apps have to follow. This company claims to be the company that provides the best online user interface. 

GMNG Fantasy – GMNG is now the fastest-growing online fantasy cricket application. GMNG provides its users the best online gaming experience which becomes very easy to use for new players. There are several contests available at a time in which the user can join and create their team. You can earn Rs. 10 bonus if you use the referral code and you can also use this bonus amount to participate in the bonus contest. Right now these days GMNG Fantasy is the most popular & organically grown app in the market.

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MPL fantasy – Because the MPL brand is so well known, esports and fantasy have been well known to the people. The contribution towards the growth of fantasy cricket by MPL is undeniable. If someone is ready to put in the effort, you can win a lot of money. By referring friends and family to the app, you can receive an Rs. 50 welcome bonus and earn up to Rs. 75 for each successful referral.

My 11 Circle – My 11 circle is a part of 24×7 games which brings out the best fantasy cricket games to its users. It is committed to providing the same experience as other fantasy cricket mobile apps. My 11 is a site for those who can’t enjoy real sports due to a lack of time and busy schedules. You can use your promo code and can earn upto Rs. 1500 welcome bonus

Feature of Online Cricket Fantasy 

Fantasy cricket is a game that is completely based on the user’s prediction of players and your skills of the prediction. However, Ultimately, we can conclude that there are three major aspects that clarify how fantasy cricket works. Talking about the legal aspect, fantasy is meant for entertainment only and not for addiction. Moreover, research and development has always been the source of success of an individual. 

One of the most common features of cricket fantasy is having a well-known knowledge of our cricket scenario and understanding it very well. When people invest money in something they try to do as much as research they can do and fantasy cricket is not an exception.

Another important feature of fantasy cricket is the reward section and free bonus. 

How an Individual uses its reward wisely depends upon the intellect of that person. Last but not the least the main feature is to consult the fantasy expert for the fantasy tips before starting one’s own fantasy journey

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Fun and Facts About Online Fantasy Games?

There are several facts as to which you can win a lot of money if you follow.

1) Well known idea about the game – Having a well known idea of the game before playing fantasy is advisable. If you don’t follow the rules and regulations of the games properly you might win less amount but if you follow the rules and regulations of the games properly then you can get a lot of money. Choosing your team wisely i.e which player suits your team the best is also a good point

2) Understanding the main aspect of fantasy – There have been several controversies regarding the legal aspect of fantasy. Many have taken the matter to the courts but after a lot of issues, it was made clear that fantasy is legal in India. One must keep in mind that fantasy is only for entertainment purposes and not for addiction. 

3)Understand the “meta” of the game – If you do not understand the statistics of the game properly then you might be in trouble. Like for example on the Dream11 app, you earn 10 points for one wicket and 1 point for one run and different points on sixes and fours. So the selector must choose the right combination of team which will benefit him/her the most with fantasy points. 

4) Risk factor – As early said that fantasy games are only for entertainment purposes only and not for addiction. Moreover, as we all know that “win” and “lose” simultaneously exist. So every functionality of different apps is different. So one must be cautious while investing the money in fantasy games and after full research of the game that one is investing.