How to Deposit and Withdraw Money in GMNG PRO

About GMNG

GMNG is one of the largest real money Multigaming platforms in which a player can earn money while having fun. With each referral, a player receives a 10 rs bonus which he can use in 100% bonus leagues and make real money for free. A player can also compete in the referral leaderboard and get a chance to earn up to 50000 rs monthly.


In this blog, you will get to know how to deposit and withdraw money in the GMNG app. As you all know, there are various options available to add & withdraw money from gaming apps. Similarly, GMNG has partnered with many renowned brands to provide safe and secure transactions to all its players. Deposit and withdrawal of money is very easy in the GMNG app. The steps to do the following are listed below in detail.

How to Deposit in GMNG

Adding money on GMNG is very simple just go on the wallet on your GMNG app or click on the top right corner of the app where it shows the + sign there you can click on add money select your desired amount for deposit and then you can deposit directly through UPI, card, net banking, or through major wallets like Paytm, phone pay, etc.

Withdrawals On GMNG

GMNG offers its players an option for instant withdrawal even through UPI in which a player can easily withdraw his money directly into his bank account faster than an ATM . a player has to complete his KYC that includes his documents like Aadhar and PAN card and after that, he will get an option to withdraw directly through UPI.

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KYC verification

As a Player is trying to withdraw it will first ask the player to complete KYC as it is a mandatory step and it has instant approvals the player is required to upload his PAN Card or Aadhar Card in the KYC section and within a few minutes it will get updated.

After the KYC the player can just click on withdrawal and withdraw directly to his bank account through UPI.

What to do if my withdrawal is Stopped or under processing

In many cases, the withdrawal goes under processing so that the team can verify it or might be stuck due to some server issues, not worry about it as you can always reach out to us with our in-app support regarding this for further clarifications.

TAX Deductions

As per the government norms Winnings above 10000 are taxed at 30 % which will be deducted and the remaining balance will be transferred to the player’s account.

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Fantasy Game Games

Why Online Fantasy Cricket Game is The Most Played in India?


In this modern contemporary India cricket has reached its peak and why not? India has always been a cricket-loving nation from the start. Cricket has become an integral part of people’s entertainment. The love for cricket today has grown tremendously. Due to its peak fanbase, the real game has now become virtual. Now we can enjoy the perks of being a selector through these virtual apps and thus Online Fantasy cricket Games came into existence.

The concept of Fantasy cricket has stormed the world of cricket. The basic idea of how it is being played is very simple: We act as the selectors of both teams and have the right to select the players of both teams. The teams that we have created virtually through different websites play in the real world and according to their performance we receive fantasy points which we can convert into real money

Reasons Behind Playing Fantasy Cricket Games

Cricket is the most watched and loved game in India. In fact, one can not deny the fact that it is celebrated in our country like a festival. This was the reason why fantasy cricket gained so much popularity. The reasons why fantasy is played by most Indians are:-

The winning amount is so high –  As we know the basic concept of Fantasy cricket i.e we have to select the players of our choice virtually and we get fantasy points based on the performance of those players in a real match and we can convert those fantasy points into real money. The best part of it lies in its rewards that are generated, not the rankings. It makes the user participate in multiple contests. As we all know that if something is giving us a reward it always increases the excitement level. Fantasy cricket is not an exception.

Bonus winnings are available on the apps- With the evolution and transformation in fantasy cricket. Several apps have come up with it. Now, the question arises which app to choose? This created competition in the fantasy market and with time different apps offered different bonus packages. These bonus amounts can be used by the users while playing contests. They are generally received after referring to a friend, using a referral code, extra bonus, etc. 

Better user experience –  If you are thinking that the word “online” sounds very complicated then you need to know about the simple logic behind the fantasy. As we have said earlier, fantasy cricket is an online game that allows us to create a virtual team of our choice and according to the performance of the players in the real world, we get fantasy points. Several apps like GMNG provide one of the best online gaming experiences which enable the users to use their full potential in playing. 

Time-saving – Fantasy cricket has become a major hit among the Indian masses. It was estimated that more than 100 million people in India play fantasy sports. One of the most significant features of fantasy cricket is that it connects people with the game. Talking of connection, nowadays competition has increased in every field of activity. People do not get that much of time to take a close interest in every cricket match that is happening, as a result, fantasy cricket came into existence. Fantasy cricket allows you that stay connected to the game even in your busy schedule just by creating your dream team in a short span of time.

Cricket is the most popular game in India – The history of fandom of Indian cricket takes us back to ‘83 when the Indian skipper led us to the top. After that, it was a one-way journey for cricket. Cricket nowadays has been an integral part of our life. Notable cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, MS. Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, and many more have inspired the youth of this country. The T20 format alongside ODIs and test cricket has gained more popularity. People love to see their favorite players performing and this is what that keeps them glued to T.V and mobile phones

Most Loved Online Cricket Fantasy Games

Dream 11 – Fantasy cricket no doubt has stormed the world of real money gaming. The flagship site which enjoys the title of being the undisputed leader in this community is Dream11. From time to time this site has created standards that other apps have to follow. This company claims to be the company that provides the best online user interface. 

GMNG Fantasy – GMNG is now the fastest-growing online fantasy cricket application. GMNG provides its users the best online gaming experience which becomes very easy to use for new players. There are several contests available at a time in which the user can join and create their team. You can earn Rs. 10 bonus if you use the referral code and you can also use this bonus amount to participate in the bonus contest. Right now these days GMNG Fantasy is the most popular & organically grown app in the market.

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MPL fantasy – Because the MPL brand is so well known, esports and fantasy have been well known to the people. The contribution towards the growth of fantasy cricket by MPL is undeniable. If someone is ready to put in the effort, you can win a lot of money. By referring friends and family to the app, you can receive an Rs. 50 welcome bonus and earn up to Rs. 75 for each successful referral.

My 11 Circle – My 11 circle is a part of 24×7 games which brings out the best fantasy cricket games to its users. It is committed to providing the same experience as other fantasy cricket mobile apps. My 11 is a site for those who can’t enjoy real sports due to a lack of time and busy schedules. You can use your promo code and can earn upto Rs. 1500 welcome bonus

Feature of Online Cricket Fantasy 

Fantasy cricket is a game that is completely based on the user’s prediction of players and your skills of the prediction. However, Ultimately, we can conclude that there are three major aspects that clarify how fantasy cricket works. Talking about the legal aspect, fantasy is meant for entertainment only and not for addiction. Moreover, research and development has always been the source of success of an individual. 

One of the most common features of cricket fantasy is having a well-known knowledge of our cricket scenario and understanding it very well. When people invest money in something they try to do as much as research they can do and fantasy cricket is not an exception.

Another important feature of fantasy cricket is the reward section and free bonus. 

How an Individual uses its reward wisely depends upon the intellect of that person. Last but not the least the main feature is to consult the fantasy expert for the fantasy tips before starting one’s own fantasy journey

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Fun and Facts About Online Fantasy Games?

There are several facts as to which you can win a lot of money if you follow.

1) Well known idea about the game – Having a well known idea of the game before playing fantasy is advisable. If you don’t follow the rules and regulations of the games properly you might win less amount but if you follow the rules and regulations of the games properly then you can get a lot of money. Choosing your team wisely i.e which player suits your team the best is also a good point

2) Understanding the main aspect of fantasy – There have been several controversies regarding the legal aspect of fantasy. Many have taken the matter to the courts but after a lot of issues, it was made clear that fantasy is legal in India. One must keep in mind that fantasy is only for entertainment purposes and not for addiction. 

3)Understand the “meta” of the game – If you do not understand the statistics of the game properly then you might be in trouble. Like for example on the Dream11 app, you earn 10 points for one wicket and 1 point for one run and different points on sixes and fours. So the selector must choose the right combination of team which will benefit him/her the most with fantasy points. 

4) Risk factor – As early said that fantasy games are only for entertainment purposes only and not for addiction. Moreover, as we all know that “win” and “lose” simultaneously exist. So every functionality of different apps is different. So one must be cautious while investing the money in fantasy games and after full research of the game that one is investing. 


A Brief Detail About Online Gaming Industry in India


The Indian gaming industry has been growing at a rapid pace and is projected to reach $50 billion by 2020. In this article, we will look at the regulatory landscape and investment outlook of India’s skill gaming industry.

Emerging Trends in The Gaming Industry

  • The gaming industry is growing rapidly, and it’s expected to be worth USD 200 billion by 2025.
  • India has a small but fast-growing market for skill games (like fantasy, rummy,  poker etc.), which could see a CAGR of 30% over the next few years.

RMG Industry – An Overview

Remuneration-based gaming (RMG) is a form of online gaming that rewards players for playing games and completing tasks. Players are paid out in cash or tokens, which can be redeemed as prizes or exchanged for other goods and services.

The RMG industry has grown rapidly over the past few years and now accounts for around 20% of total global revenues. It represents an attractive opportunity for investors because it offers high returns on investment due to its strong growth potential, coupled with low regulatory risk due to its regulation under the Indian government’s jurisdiction only at present time (but this may change soon).

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The Regulatory Regime – A Brief Gist

While the regulatory regime in India has been evolving, it is slowly becoming more consistent and clear.

The Indian government has been trying to regulate the  gaming industry since 2010, but with limited success. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has issued a notification on June 19th 2018 which outlines how companies should report any incidents related to money laundering or other illegal activities associated with mobile games and app stores. This should help increase transparency among operators who will now be required by law to disclose all information relating to their business practices when dealing with money laundering concerns or suspicious transactions during operation hours (which includes weekends).

FDI In The Gaming Sector

In the gaming app, foreign direct investment (FDI) is allowed under the automatic route and under the approval route.

The government has not issued any policy statement regarding FDI in this sector yet. However, it has made it clear that no country may make discriminatory treatment towards any other country or state within its territory on account of race, religion, caste or sex etc., while deciding whether to allow or disallow such investments.

Amendments to FDI Policy Related to the Gaming Sector

The gaming sector has been one of the most attractive investment destinations for foreign investors since its inception. However, it faced significant challenges in terms of regulatory framework and policy due to which there was no clear direction from the government regarding how it would be regulated.

In July 2018, the Union Cabinet approved amendments to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) policy related to the gaming industry along with new rules that allow 100% FDI under the automatic route without prior approval from RBI or SEBI. The amendment will come into effect from November 1st 2018 . It also provides for relaxation in terms of time period for filing returns by foreign investors after obtaining approval from SEBI/RBI within 90 days instead of 180 days previously stipulated under current laws which were applicable only till 31st October 2017; This relaxation has been made possible because RBI gave an extension on implementation date till 31st December 2017 itself because they were not satisfied with some aspects related especially when it comes down  to KYC requirements being fulfilled by these companies as well as their compliance level with other norms like payment security measures etcetera…

The legal Challenges Faced by Players in the Sector

The legal challenges faced by players in the sector

The legal challenges faced by players in the sector are many and varied. For example, there is currently no clear framework governing how gambling should be regulated across different jurisdictions around the world. In addition to this, there is no global standard for verifying identity or age verification of buyers/users as well as for ensuring compliance with regulations such as those that govern gambling advertising rules or gaming licensing requirements.

The Government’s attempt at promoting skill games or Real Money Gaming as compared to traditional gambling games is laudable.

As we mentioned earlier, the government has been trying to promote skill games like Ludo, fantasy, carrom, rummy, etc. as compared to traditional gambling games. The aim is to not only bring in more revenue for both businesses and the country’s economy but also help people to enjoy with their friends.

However, one of the biggest challenges that developers face is how they can differentiate themselves from their competitors in an industry dominated by giants like Google or Facebook who have significant reach and resources at their disposal.

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The government’s positive decision to introduce skill gaming as an alternative for traditional gambling is a step in the right direction. It also gives players the opportunity to play against one another without having to risk their money. The Player Welfare Fund, which was introduced earlier this year, is another initiative that aims at protecting players from fraudsters while also providing them with some basic features like a wallet deposit facility to help them make more real money opportunities available over time.

Games Poker Game

Why Do People Love Playing Poker Over a GMNG App?

An online poker is a great option for those who want to play the game from the comfort of their home. Furthermore, poker played online is identical to poker played in person. While the game’s mechanics are the same in both mediums, the two present themselves differently. 

You can therefore begin playing the game as soon as you have access to a suitable operating device such as a laptop, computer, tablet, etc to earn money by playing poker. However, a fast internet connection is also necessary for a smooth gaming experience on android poker apps. Once you have these two things, you can begin playing poker over the best poker app GMNG. 

More and more people are playing poker these days over GMNG because it’s the best poker app. You can find a wide variety of online poker rooms to play at for free or for real money. GMNG also provides a plethora of other benefits for its players, many of which are enticing. As a result, more and more people are moving away from brick-and-mortar casinos and toward online poker rooms.

Enjoy All The Benefits of Online Poker Without Leaving Your House Over GMNG

It’s the best choice for people who don’t have much spare time to travel to a poker room. Also, it’s a huge boon to the poker community as a whole. So, instead of spending money getting to and from a poker game, you can now play from the comfort of your own home and earn money by playing poker. 

These days, playing poker online rather than in casinos is a great way to save money. Before the advent of online casinos, avid gamblers had to make time and expense-consuming journeys to land-based establishments. 

With them, players can finally play more hands of online poker without breaking a sweat. Therefore, you can download GMNG and begin playing the game whenever and wherever you want. 

You Now Have More Options Than Ever 

The variety of poker games available at GMNG is impressive. However, when actual live poker games were in use, this was simply not possible. The lack of a physical location is not an issue for online poker rooms. 

However, it was a problem in many of the casinos where they were not introducing other poker games. Moreover, they had an inadequate number of staff members, unlike online platforms. In addition, the ability to choose your own games is a significant perk that can change the outcome of the match. 

You Can Also Play With The Lower Limits Online 

The ability to play at lower stakes is a major draw for many people to poker’s online counterpart. You may be wondering why this perk exists, we can explain this. The reason is that, unlike casinos, a site doesn’t have to fork over money to host the games. 

Furthermore, by using an online poker site, you won’t have to worry about the costs of a physical casino such as the dealer’s salary, rent, and utilities. Thus, the online sites incur no financial penalty for hosting lower-stakes games and tournaments. On top of that, many people are taking advantage of the fact that poker can be played online for no cost at all. 

It’s Easier to Win Because So Many People Are Not Pro

You have a better chance of winning when you don’t know who you’re playing against. It’s also more likely that the people competing against you are either novices or very bad players. 

Therefore, if you are a novice, playing online is a fantastic opportunity. Moreover, the odds of winning money online are much higher than they are in casinos. 

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Playing Poker Online is Less Intimidating Than Playing in a Live Game 

Playing live poker with nine total strangers can be a nerve-wracking experience. Plus, new players often feel awkward because they aren’t sure what to do. However, online gaming is helping to eradicate this issue. Playing a poker game online makes you feel like you’re actually inside the game. 

Because you’ll be focusing on your own screens instead of your opponents’, it’s possible to avoid eye contact. And the site’s built-in chat feature makes it easy to establish contact and discuss strategies with rivals. If you and your opponent both prefer to keep your strategies to yourselves, you can opt to play in silence. 

Playing Online Poker Allows Players to Easily Take and Organize Notes 

When playing live poker, it’s possible that you won’t learn your opponent’s name until after the game. However, this is not the case when playing online poker, where all of the players’ names are visible at all times. A player’s screen name is often displayed on online poker sites. 

Additionally, one can make notes on the strategies being used by another player, which can then be used to improve one’s own chances. When you find yourself making the same mistake over and over, it can be helpful to keep a set of notes to refer back to later. 

The card game of poker is widely recognized as a worldwide favourite. While the game of poker may have moved slowly at first, its development has been rapid, and we now have a deep and varied history of the game to study. 

It takes skill to win at poker 

Some people find online slot machines entertaining because of the element of surprise they introduce into the game. 

These activities are pure games of chance, requiring no skill whatsoever, so there is no point in putting in any time or effort. However, that is seen as a negative by many poker players.

While there aren’t many complexities to the rules of poker, mastering those rules and developing an effective strategy takes years of practice for professional players. 

All levels of poker players, from the world’s best to those with less experience, are fiercely competitive. 

Competition arises as a result, with more and more players aiming for victory. 

One of the main reasons poker is legal in so many countries around the world is because of the high level of skill involved. While not every casino will offer the same games, poker tables can be found in just about any setting. 

When Planet Poker opened its virtual doors in 1998, it heralded the beginning of a new era in the poker world. There were relatively few players outside of professional players before games became accessible to the general public via the internet, so this naturally resulted in a large influx of new players.

GMNG is one of the best android poker apps, you can easily download it and win online poker real money. So what are you waiting for? Download GMNG now and earn money by playing poker over this one of the best free poker apps.