SuperstarITV GMNG
  • We help Gaming Creators master and monetize their craft. Proudly serving some of the India’s largest channels and brands alike.
  • We work closely with all of our Gaming Professionals to ensure that they are in the best spot possible to establish and lock down their career on YouTube and Esports. Together we innovate, smash boundaries, work hard, and forge the next generation of digital talent.
  • We run an accelerator program wherein brands and our gaming influencers can collaborate and work together. We create customized and innovative brand integration campaigns for superior impact.
  • We at Trinity Gaming, generates¬†120M+ monthly views for gaming on YouTube.(Can be represented using some info graph)

What is GMNG Unicorn?

GMNG SuperStar is an affiliate program for streamers, Influencer, and bloggers. If you have a good userbase then you can register for GMNG SuperStar. If have an interest in gaming or e-sports then this is a perfect opportunity for you. GMNG SuperStar can help you to earn real-money without investing a single penny.GMNG SuperStar is also a refer and earn system but it is better than the normal referral system because GMNG is not giving you any bonus cash or in-game virtual currency. You will earn more real-money from GMNG.