How to play ludoking

How to join LUDO KING On GMNG

  • 1. Click/open GMNG ludo king game
  • 2. Join the desired Contest on GMNG
  • 3. Deposit contest fees for joining the contest by using UPI Id or other payment method
  • 4. Make sure the name of Ludo king and the In game name that you enter during joining is the same.
  • 5. To get your In game Ludo king name, open your Ludo king app and get in game name from profile section, copy and paste this in GMNG app.
  • 6. Confirm your slot and joining fees
  • 7. Your Ludo king joining code is here, The Private code for the ludo king room will be shared 15 minutes before the game starts.
  • 8. Open Ludo King click on play with friends and join, Join with the room id which is provided on the registration screen on GMNG.

Terms and conditions

  1. The in game name on ludo king and the in game name entered during registration  should be the same . if not then the winnings will not be credited
  2. Waiting time for any match is 5 minutes and if no one has joined after the room will be closed
  3. If no one joins the match during that time money will not be refunded
  4. If only one person joins the room he will be declared as winner