How to Play Poker

Poker is a strategic skill based game and favours the one who plays it right! While there are many variants of this game, you can do well if you start learning how to play poker game for free with just a couple of top variations. Follow these instructions to begin your card gaming venture.


  • Choose the variant of how to play poker to know the basic rules. You can start with the most popular variant, Texas Hold’em Poker.

  • Learn the combinations and rankings of 5-card hands. You must remember all hand rankings when you are learning how to play poker online with friends to form your best 5 card hand.

  • At the beginning of each game, the first two players next to the Dealer must place antes as the initial bet before starting the game. If you want to learn how to play poker for beginners, you need to bet a minimal amount.

  • You can use moves like bet, call, hold and raise to make your play and raise the betting amount.

  • After you have completed the second round of betting, you can check the “turn” card to make your move.

  • Once you have caught the final “river” card, you can decide the hand you will play.

Basic Rules of Poker: A Brief Explanation


A lot of people ask the experts, “How do you play poker?” and the answer is always diplomatic. Gamers do not reveal their winning streaks and tactics, but there are some basic rules. You need to comply with these terms to be an ace player. You may learn how to play poker free in a minute, but it can take a lifetime to master it!

  • Every game variant has a different set of rules.

  • Follow the card leads. Consider the possibility of the hands not just you can make but also your opponents.

  • Follow the betting patterns of your opponents to frame your strategy accordingly.

Bluffing is an art you need to master when you learn how to play Texas Hold’em poker online. You can lie about your cards, not bat an eye even with the weakest combinations and pass through.