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Play Ludo Game over GMNG Application and Win Real Money

Maximum Number of players- 2

Game Type - Causal

Duration - 5 mins

GMNG is a social gaming application that allows users to choose from a variety of games to earn real-time money. The popular board game Ludo is on the GMNG application. Now play with players throughout the globe and showcase your skills while you are taking a little break from your busy schedule and earn money upto 1lakh per month.



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Rules of Ludo game

How to install?

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Feature of GMNG online Ludo game
GMNG application has made India’s favourite board game Ludo more convenient, exciting and user friendly. The prime features of our application are:


Quick Game Time
Enter GMNG online Ludo game is a fast-paced game which makes it different from other online ludo games. Generally, it took 30-35 minutes for an average Ludo game to be last, but GMNG online ludo game goes on for 10-15 minutes which consumes time for our players and can be played instantly anywhere between little breaks.box description


Online Real-time Leaderboards
GMNG online ludo game also provides dedicated leaderboards which are updated daily and monthly on the basis of wins and earnings so players could fight their way to the top.


Online Matchmaking
The online updated matchmaking system helps our players find their opponents within a minimum time of 2 to 30 seconds.


Earn Money Playing Online Ludo
GMNG online Ludo helps players earn easy money upto 1 lakh per month while playing and offers easy bank transfer through UPI and Paytm.

How to play Ludo Over GMNG app

Crazy Facts About Ludo

Did you know Ludo is an ancient Indian originated Game called “Pachisi” played by various mughal emperors. The illustrations of ludo boards found in Ajanta caves are the earliest proof of its existence in early civilizations.

In some African regions people play Ludo in teams. Players who sit on the opposite side of the board team up.

In Vietnam the game is modeled after a horse race with the pieces modeled as horse heads.

The game is available in different variants in different parts of the world such as in India its called Pachis, in Britain its called Uckers, in Sweden its called Fia,in Vietnam its called Cờ cá ngựa, in spain its called Parchis and in Colombia its called Parqués.